We primarily use Hot Water Extraction for residential carpets. This is the recommended method by most of the carpet manufacturers. We clean carpets with TACT. There are four necessary elements required to achieve cleaning efficiency. If you use less of one, you must increase the others to realize the same results.


5 star rated reliable service! We use an incredibly thorough, multi-step process to get your carpet as clean as possible. We work responsibly by using only family and pet safe cleaning solutions.

Rug cleaning is vastly different from carpet cleaning. Due to the various fibers, rug construction and dye stability, there are several ways we approach rug cleaning. What’s right for one rug could destroy another. We clean rugs off site where we can dust (remove dry soil) them and monitor ph and dye stability. Our rug cleaning comes with free pick up and delivery. Call for a consultation so we can determine what’s best for your rug.

We can get your tile and grout looking great and keep it looking that way longer. We mechanically scrub the tile and grout with an alkaline cleaning solution. Then the tile is neutralized, rinsed and extracted. We finish by applying a penetrating sealer to keep the grout safe from rapid recoiling and staining.

We walk through with the client to look for possible challenges while being shown any areas of concern.
We provide thorough vacuuming with a commercial vacuum removes as much dry soil as possible.

When necessary we put plastic tabs or foam blocks under furniture legs. This ensures that furniture stain doesn’t transfer to the carpet.

A cleaning solution is sprayed to loosen and suspend soil that wasn’t removed during the vacuuming process.
We use high heat and a neutralizing agent to balance the ph. By neutralizing, the carpet doesn’t unnaturally attract soil as it would if left in an alkaline state. This also leaves the carpet feeling softer and not “crunchy.”
Some spots won’t respond with standard extraction. We carry several alternate solutions that allow us to treat many of the stubborn spots that we come across.
During this step we trip loose fibers and use a carpet rake to remove wand/rotary marks. This also helps aid the drying process.

When requested, we will re-apply carpet protectant to refresh your carpet’s stain resisting abilities.

We use high volume down draft air movers for quickest drying times. These actually start going in the home just after step 6 and are moved as needed until we leave.

We carry a wide variety of products to treat specific spots. If you have carpet protector applied, you should be able to get most spots up on your own with just hot water and a white terry cloth. If you can’t, it is very likely that we can but results will be better if you don’t use chemicals on the spot when you’re attempting to remove it.

If you have a specific spot that is giving you trouble, send me an email at and I’d be happy to give you advice on the best approach you can take when removing the spot on your own.

In most cases, urine odor will remain or get worse after a carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning treats from the backing up but not the pad.

The urine salts that are in the pad attract moisture (the cleaning process introduces a lot of moisture) and with the moisture the bacteria can thrive. The bacteria now active is what causes the odor to often become worse than it was prior to the cleaning.

But there’s good news! Over the years of being in this industry, we’ve developed process and have come across chemistry that enables us to correct well over 90% of pet accident situations.

We can’t price urine damage prior to testing for severity but you can call to schedule a consultation today.

From time to time, people have a bleach spill or a case of using a Carpet Stain Remover that happens to remove some or all of the carpets color as well. We can add missing color and set the dyes to improve the color-loss eye sore.

We’re happy to handle your area rug cleaning needs. If your rug is a synthetic fiber, we can clean it on site or take it with us for a more thorough cleaning. All wool rugs that we clean will need to be taken off site and will be cleaned with meticulous care. With wool we need to monitor the dye stability and drying. This process is a lot more in depth and needs to be done in a more controlled environment. We’re also starting to see a lot more viscose rugs.  These do not typically clean up well.  The best thing you can do for your viscose rug is to have us treat it with protectant prior to ever using it.  This will prolong the life of the rug.  Viscose is an artificial silk that is made with plant-based pulp.  Its similar to paper and when it gets wet, it loses up to 90% of it’ fiber strength.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We can take care of your business carpets too!  We offer restorative carpet cleaning as well as maintenance plans.  Regardless if your office is large or small, we’re the company that wants to serve you.  Every job is different.  Some require hot water extraction.  Others would do better with a low moisture cleaning.  Sometimes a combination of both methods works best.  Call us and we would be happy to provide a demo of our work.  

VCT Strip and Wax

New View can make your floors shine!  We can set you up on a floor maintenance plan that alternates scrub and wax service and strip and wax service according to your companies’ traffic and needs.  We use top quality wax that provides longer lasting protection.  *For our medical clients….we have a product called Clarion25 + Microban.  It’s the first finish of its kind.  It offers a 24/7 antimicrobial protection that breaks down bacteria on contact.  Let us tell you more about it!  

Commercial Blind Cleaning

We use ultrasonic cleaning technology.  This service is usually provided over a weekend.  We pick up your blinds.  Then we pre-treat, clean and dry them at our off site location and have them rehung before you get to the office on Monday.