About New View Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Company in Medford, Oregon

My name is Aaron Rullamas. I moved to the Rogue Valley as a child and the Medford area has been my home for the past 30 years. I love it here and can’t see myself living anywhere else.

I entered the carpet cleaning profession in 2007 and since that time I’ve spent thousands of hours working in many medical facilities. I’ve come across hundreds of the most terrible messes imaginable.

Obviously, not every job requires such heavy cleaning. However, my experience fixing deeply soiled carpets has helped make me the carpet expert I am today. Unlike many other companies, I spend time to ensure that my equipment is thoroughly cleaned before I bring into the next home. From experience, I have learned the importance of sanitation in between jobs.

A carpet cleaner can be at a kennel one job one day and a restaurant the next. Or they could be called immediately after an accident at a nursing home…. and then to the spill in your living room. It happens all the time. Unfortunately, if a carpet cleaner isn’t cleaning his equipment, it can only be as clean as the dirtiest place he’s worked. So that’s where the idea started. I thought that if it’s important to me to keep my family and my home from having any contact from the last job, then there are probably others that are equally concerned about their family’s exposure. If you’re one of those people, call New View for a healthier and cleaner carpet cleaning.

Company Highlights

Locally Owned Business
Employees background checked and drug screened
IICRC Trained and Certified #149492
HIPAA Trained and Certified
Respect of Privacy – I know it’s not easy to trust someone in your home. The same stringent privacy practices that HIPAA mandates in the medical field, are followed at every job, regardless if its commercial or residential.

What our client’s say

“My New View experience. Let me first start by saying, I get my carpets cleaned more often than most, and can be quite picky. A colleague of mine recommended New View suggesting my expectations may be exceeded. Being I’ve used at a minimum of 10 different company’s without ever being blown away, I knew that wasn’t likely. Over the years I have tried them all, from the good to the bad and have found a vast difference in quality and approach. I have settled into a couple different providers and contracted them based off how quickly they can get me scheduled. Recently, my usual providers were booked out longer than I was willing to wait, so without much expectation I called Aaron at New View. From the first minute of speaking with him I could tell this was a professional and someone that took pride in his business. He educated me on his process and made me rethink whether my carpets were ever genuinely clean. I had no idea the hoses ran across my floors could have just come from a hospital to a repossessed home then directly into mine. I had always assumed those hoses were sterile between jobs. Not the case. I’m a person that believes strongly that you get what you pay for however, I’m not paying more unless it’s worth it.
For the first time my expectations were exceeded. I have finally found that great carpet cleaning company out there. If you’re picky about your carpets and expect the best you really need to look no further. I will gladly recommend Aaron to my Friends and Clients.”

-Kevin Cope, Owner Focus1 Insurance


“If you want more value than the cost, then I would look no further.  I have never been happier with a service than I am with Aaron.  I have always cleaned my own carpets because not only did I not want strangers in my home but I have never been happy with what I have seen and even felt.  Aaron was able to come to my home on a Saturday (working with my schedule) he willingly helped me move my sofa and tables as there was no way I could do it on my own.  He respected my home and my carpet like it was his own.  He took his time, not hurrying just to get done and get out.  Not only did he do an amazing job, help me move my sofa and tables, he helped me fix a window that has not worked in over a year.  This is a man with pure integrity.  He is a hard worker and will do ONLY what is right.  I would recommend him to anyone and I will even be using him at my place of business.  Out of everything he did and how he performed his job I think the deal sealing thing was I did not have to worry about anyone else’s germs or “stuff” coming into my home and getting in my carpet.  This to me was priceless and I will NEVER have anyone other then Aaron clean my carpets.
Aaron Thank you again for such and amazing job”

-Laura Danner, Home Owner and General Manager of International Fitness