Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the carpet take to dry?

Every carpet is a little bit different. Dry times can differ depending on humidity and how many passes we have to make due to soil condition. With that said, we make every effort to dry carpet quickly. Carpet is usually dry to the touch within 3-4 hours. In optimal conditions the carpet is often dry by the time we leave. *If you are having a pad extraction for pet treatment, those areas will remain wet for over 24 hours.  In those cases, it is necessary that we over saturate the area to ensure we flush everything out of the pad. There are several things we have implemented into our process that aid in the drying time of carpets. Some are common things like putting down several air movers through-out the home. We combine that with a more technical approach that involves water pressure, jet size and enhanced vacuum. We’re bringing together all of these ideas to achieve excellent results to our customers most frequently asked question.

Will my carpet get dirty faster after a carpet cleaning?

If it’s not cleaned correctly it absolutely can. This is usually when the carpet is left in an alkaline state. Pre-sprays people use are designed to loosen and attract soil. They work well and can continue to work weeks after the carpet cleaner is gone. This means they are actually attracting dirt and giving you the opposite of what you want.  A good example of this is when a home owner rents or purchases a cheap carpet extractor.  They can get it looking good but it re-soils extremely quickly due to the “soap” that was recommended keeps attracting dirt. At New View, before we apply carpet protector, we first neutralize the carpet’s pH level. This step ensures that your carpet won’t attract soil unnaturally and the carpet won’t be left feeling “crunchy.”

The last time someone cleaned my carpets, they looked good but then the same stain came back. Why?

If carpet is left too wet or if there was a large spill, wicking can occur. This is where dirt travels with the water to the top of the carpet fiber. The water evaporates and the dirt remains. As noted above, we make huge efforts to reduce dry times which usually eliminates any wicking issues. Should one occur, we will happily come out and re-clean the problem area for no additional charge.

Do you Steam Clean?

Yes. It’s usually referred to as Hot Water Extraction. This is the same way of cleaning that is mentioned in your carpet warranty.

How often should carpets be cleaned?

It varies by the carpet type and amount of traffic. I’ve seen people wait for years and some commercial accounts ask to have their traffic lanes cleaned twice a month. Usually manufactures of residential carpet recommend once a year to keep the warranty valid.

Is it better to wait until spring or summer to have our carpet cleaned?

That’s not necessary like it once was. With the equipment available today, carpet dries pretty fast throughout the year.

Do you match competitor's prices?

We don’t match prices. Our price includes having your carpet cleaned with equipment that has been disinfected after the last job. It seems like it should be the case but in almost 10 years in this industry, I haven’t seen other companies that do this. In addition to the focus on sanitation, I strive to deliver a quality that can’t be beat. We are substantially more detailed than most. The people that are offering really low pricing aren’t usually competing for the same client as New View.

Do you sell/recommend carpet protector? We purchased it before and didn't really notice a difference.

Yes, I absolutely recommend it. Carpet manufactures do as well. Carpet protector is applied at the factory. That protection will weaken over time. Day to day activity and the cleaning you have done will remove the protector that came with the carpet. When carpet protector isn’t reapplied, the ability to remove soil and stains is diminished. You shouldn’t notice a difference when you have the protector applied. We are rejuvenating the protectant to as close to it was when new, as possible. We can’t match what they did in the manufacturing process but we can get it pretty close. The product we use is called Maxim Advanced. I use this because I believe it’s the best. There is another brand that has more name recognition and I could sell a lot more protectant if I switched brands, based solely on people’s familiarity with the name. I’d rather sell what I trust though. What makes Maxim unique is that it protects the fiber from the inside out. In really simple terms, Maxim acts as a clear dye. When carpet protector isn’t reapplied, the carpets ability to repel soil and stains is diminished.