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We serve clients across Medford, Central Point, Jacksonville, Ashland, Talent, Phoenix, Eagle Point and White City, Oregon. Our services include: Carpet Cleaning | Oriental Rug Cleaning | Tile & Grout Cleaning | Upholstery Cleaning | Carpet Dyeing | Floor Maintenance | Hot Water Carpet Cleaning | Carpet Spot Treatment/Removal | Pet Stains & Odor Control | Area Rug Cleaning | Commercial Carpet Cleaning | VCT Strip and Wax Cleaning | Commercial Blind Cleaning

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My name is Aaron Rullamas. I moved to the Rogue Valley as a child and the Medford area has been my home for the past 30 years. I love it here and can’t see myself living anywhere else. I entered the carpet cleaning profession in 2007 and since that time I’ve spent...

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Welcome to New View Carpet Cleaning. We appreciate your interest in our services and encourage you to browse our site to become familiar with our processes.

We have a different approach to what we think carpet cleaning should be. At New View Carpet Cleaning it’s important to me that we deliver the top-quality work and provide the best service and we are especially proud to pioneer a system in which all equipment brought into your home or business has first been disinfected. Every inch of hose and every piece of equipment is sanitized between every job.

Here’s why you should find this to be important!  When a carpet is cleaned, hoses are brought through your front door, laid across your tile and hardwood and drug into every corner of your home.  You were striving for a cleaner living environment but instead have subjected your home to cross-contamination from where ever the hoses and equipment have been. It could be retail buildings, medical offices or the neighbor that doesn’t live as clean of a lifestyle as you.

I have researched hundreds of carpet cleaning companies and so far, haven’t found a single one that disinfects all equipment between every job like we do here at New View.  I am building this company on the pledge that the equipment that’s brought into your home or business will have first been disinfected 100% of the time.

What our client’s say

  • “My New View experience. Let me first start by saying, I get my carpets cleaned more often than most, and can be quite picky. A colleague of mine recommended New View suggesting...

  • “If you want more value than the cost, then I would look no further. I have never been happier with a service than I am with Aaron. I have always cleaned my own carpets because not only did I not want...

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